3 Years Ago I Was Dianosed With Have Herpes And Since Then I Have Had Only 3 Outbreaks And It Has Been 2 Years?

3 Years Ago I Was Dianosed With Have Herpes And Since Then I Have Had Only 3 Outbreaks And It Has Been 2 Years? 1

I have been in a committed relationship for nearly 3 years. Or that my partner has carried it for a long time and never had an outbreak, but passed it to me and after 3 years it finally shows up. Since then I developed tiny red bumps on my buttocks and legs (inner thighs towards the crotch) but never on my genitalia itself. I have been with someone for 2 years and also just found out, but dumped him. I had a outbreak in my vaginal area but got tested for herpes came back negative is it possible I had it before with no outbreaks or did my boyfriend now cold sore cause it. If you don’t want to spread oral herpes to your genitals then you need to refrain from oral sex without protection of some sort. Was just diagnosed with hsv1 on the genital area 3 months ago. As I wrote on this site a year and a half ago, herpes eventually helped me become a better dater and gravitate toward decent men. With HSV-2, you not only have frequent symptomatic outbreaks, but you have high rates of the virus being present in the absence of symptoms, Dr. (Dr. Handsfield has been one of the experts since the CDC started the symposium in the mid 1980s. Then 3 days later I went to my doctor & had the same tests done (including HIV).

3 Years Ago I Was Dianosed With Have Herpes And Since Then I Have Had Only 3 Outbreaks And It Has Been 2 Years? 2I was diagnosed with genital herpes about 2 years ago but believe I’ve had it for about 4 years. Finally I went on antivirals 3 months ago and have not had any sores since then, although right now I have swollen lymph nodes in the groin on the right side (no other symptoms and I have not noticed this before). I get a flare up about twice a year, but it’s only one bump or so. I think it’s stress related as my stress level has been up in the last year. The diagnosis of genital herpes can be stressful, but getting factual information can help people and their partners put herpes in perspective and get on with their lives. In other words, the majority of people who have herpes virus on their genitals will have either no symptoms or very minor symptoms. I have not had sex in almost 5 years but yet in the last 3 years I have had more outbreaks and then with it affecting my bladder has me worried and no reason for it as I can tell. Hi, I recently noticed a couple of white spots, in my genitalia and the area was inflammed and my gland was very swollen- there was no pain or anything, I was with a partner for 4 months and the last intercourse was 5 weeks ago and havent been with anyone else since. I took a blood test about 2 months ago and forgot all about it. I have been married for 3 years. I only found out this year that you have to ask for the HERPES test separately. I said do I need medication, she asked if I ever had symptoms and I said no so she said then you don’t need medication. I was diagnosed with herpes in nov 2007 after having an outbreak.

You are most likely to catch it if your partner has herpes blisters or moist herpes sores. Since 3 days ago I have had a sore on my vagina, its been really sore, it is not itchy at all and does not hurt when I urinate. The first outbreak was a nightmare and i’ve had 2 since then, no less painful but without feeling fluish. I’ve been married for 18 years and only started getting noticible outbreaks in the last 6 months. That was the only outbreak I had and have not seen any sores or symtoms since then. Then about 2-3 days later I noticed an area that appeared raw in my labia area, it healed very quickly within a day or so. I have HSV 2 and my girlfriend just got diagnosed with HSV 1 after having a below the belt outbreak; is it possible that my HSV 2 gave her HSV 1or would she have to have gotten HSV 1 from someone else?. I have been with three women since my divorce (over 4 years ago) unfortunatly I wasnt parcticing safe sex. I’ve had sex with ten men (only 2 of which I wasn’t in a relationship with), all of which I have used condoms with most of the time. My ex-boyfriend from a few years ago, Chris, has herpes. I have just been using Valtrex, and only when I feel an outbreak coming. I only had my initial breakout 3 years ago and knock on wood have never had a breakout again.

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3 Year Old Has Herpes (oral). Why? How? Please Read.? 32) Blood tests take 3-6 months to turn positive after exposure because it takes 3-6 months for your body to make IgG antibodies in response to an infection. Often people are exposed to the virus but don’t have their first outbreak for months or even years later. If you only test positive for type 2, that could have been an oral infection. I was diagnosed with HSV2 in 2008 and since then I have NEVER come up with a positive specific IGg test. And if you don’t have an outbreak ever, then you just have it, and there is a chance you could pass it to other people. In the two years I’ve lived with it, I’ve had about three outbreaks and all of them have been virtually invisible. I have had two positive blood tests for the genital herpes virus, but no positive cultures of any kind. I recently read in the New York Times that there is a 3-4 false positive possibility. It has been my experience that as couples adjust to each other’s chemistry, they reach an ecological balance in which their immune systems become more compatible. I have never had an outbreak in the genital area, but about 30 years ago I dated a man with genital herpes. Dr. H. has answered many questions since we started this feature on Herpes. If you have any medical issues, we ask that you visit a health practitioner licensed to practice medicine in your own locality. During the last 2 months, however, I have had what seems to be one big, long outbreak with perhaps a one-week break in between at most. I think of it the same as a cold sore: a person who has that virus in their body might get a cold sore every now and then, maybe when they are stressed a couple of times a year, so when they have a cold sore they wouldn’t kiss everyone and spread it around. I got herpes 3 years ago from my ex. I would get about 3 single outbreaks a year and every 2 years or so have an out break of at least 5 cold sores at once. Finally 2 years ago I was prescribed Valtrex, and I have had 2 breakouts in 2 years. I hope there will be a cure in the next 5 years, but until then, Valtrex will be more than sufficient. I just took my first 500mg dose for HSV1 that has been recurring in my nose over the last 2 years (thank you nose piercer).

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And things have been okay since then, not fighting and stuff but still no sex so we havent really felt that connection in awhile. There are two types of herpes, but the type does not define location, its just more COMMON to have type 2 in the genitals, and 1 as a cold sore around the mouth/some other area. I had a bout of herpes out of the blue three years after meeting my now husband, and I am as certain as I can be that we have both been faithful. Found out I had been cheated on..several times throughout the years. September 2012 edited September 2012 in Just found out I have herpes. A month ago, I had major flu type symptoms for a week including painful urination that made a jolt of stunning pain and what felt like lighting bolts in my wrists and hands at the end of urinating. 58 years old! My husband is getting tested and he swears he’s been faithful, too, so the only explanation for this is that I contracted this from someone I was with before I was 27 and never knew it, and the virus has sat dormant in my body for 31 or more years until now. Again, it’s been four years since I’ve had sex and prior to that, 26 years with the same man and no outbreaks. I have seen men post on various dating sites where they come right out on their profile stating they have herpes. According to Herpes.com, 50-80 percent of the American adult population has oral herpes. Iam 46 years old and only have been with 3 guys in semi-long term relationships prior. But it’s been two years and I have only had the initial outbreak. Sometimes I have the pain and no visual outbreak of the rash. In fact, I have had it 10 times in the last 3 years, and I am only 19 years old. It’s more painful now then it ever has been so yes you can get more then one time. I started getting shingles almost 2 years ago on my 26th birthday and it ths thee most absolute worst pain i e felt in my life.

I had unprotected sex about 3 years ago and about a week after exposure I had clear fluid blisters on the shaft of the penis. The top two pictures looks just like pimples to me. Have you been swab tested when it looked like this? I am almost certain the first outbreak was due to herpes but the blood tests say otherwise. I want to get tested one more time next week but I wanted to get your opinion on whether it even makes sense to since it has been 3 years. Number 2: Unless you only had 1 partner in you entire sexual history, it is impossible to tell whom gave you the illness with 100 certainty. The person who gave it to you may never have had an outbreak in their lives. Number 3: It has no cure, and the three main antivirals prescribed for genital herpes Valtrex (valcyclovir), acyclovir, and famcyclovir may help you, or may not help you at all. The first one heals, then a week later? But I strove to include everything that is factual, everything that I wished someone had told me about Herpes years ago. 2 and have already had two outbreaks. I was diagnosed about 3 years ago with Genital Herpes and I just found out I was pregnant a week ago. I never have had an outbreak since I first was diagnosed 3 years ago. Have HSV 2, genital can I give my partner the virus just by deep kissing? Some people infected with the virus may only experience genital herpes once, whereas others may develop the genital lesions on a number of occasions. I contracted genital herpes 11 years ago and have been fortunate enough to rarely experience any symptoms at all. She told me that if I had an outbreak in the weeks leading up to birth then I may need to take anti-viral drugs to try and get rid of them, and if the blisters were present near the birth canal when it came time to birth that we may have to discuss the option of a caesarean section due to risks to baby. I am now pregnant with baby number three and I have learnt a lot since baby number two. 3 comments. It has two known types: herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) and herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2). The average amount of recurrent outbreaks is approximately 2 to 3 times annually with each recurring outbreak lasting 3 to 14 days. I have only had 2 outbreaks as I was only diagnosed 2 months ago, but itching does make it worse. I have been on the local and oral acyclovir since 4 days ago. Hello, I have been infected with the Herpe Virus for over 25 years and living proof that you can still live a normal healthy lifestyle. I have just been diagnosed with Genital Herpes. We also have 3 kids over 16 years? However, my boyfriend only ever had one tiny outbreak which lasted for only a few days and then he never had any symptoms again. I surely thought that since I was in a loving marriage with a faithful husband, that I did not ever have to worry about getting a sexually transmitted disease. I mean, if I have genital herpes, then I had to have gotten it from him. He probably has it on his mouth like most people do and just never saw any signs of it. After I was diagnosed with herpes, sex has never been the same. I have been with the same guy ever since (it has been around 3 years since I have been diagnosed) and I have only had one outbreak. We have only had sex a couple of times in years and we are both very young (22). Hi, I was diagnosed with HSV1 almost two months ago, the outbreak was EXTREMELY painful but after everything had healed when me and my long term boyfriend tried to have sex I was in ALOT if pain. Hi, I was diagnosed with herpes today and I can’t choose a single word to discribe how I feel about it. I’ve been checking with him about any symptoms since then and tonight I told him about my positive test results I could see for myself there were no obvious sores or suspicious rashes. I have had 3 outbreaks since the initial one and they all last longer than they should for someone that is on medication – according to my doctor.

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