Boyfriend Has HSV-1, Should I Be Worried?

Boyfriend Has HSV-1, Should I Be Worried? 1

The key facts about Herpes in relationships are that you should have supporting facts prepared: a straightforward and positive conversation about herpes with your partner is the best approach. First of all, you spend a lot of time and energy worrying that your partner is going to get herpes. If your partner is infected with HSV 1, she an transmit the virus to you, either orally or genitally, without symptoms. Q: If a guy has a cold sore in his mouth, can I get genital herpes if he performs oral sex on me?. For example, if he has HSV-1 and performs oral sex on you, you can end up with HSV-1 on your genitals. Did you know that? Once the topic starts rolling, you can say something like, I also heard that cold sores can spread during oral sex as well that’s something we should think about so that neither of us is at risk of getting herpes down there.

Boyfriend Has HSV-1, Should I Be Worried? 2Hi All, So my girlfriend just told me she has genital hsv 1. What am I dealing with here? Should I be concerned? She referred me to this site if I had any questions and I have been reading up on some information and from the looks of it I shouldnt be concerned as it rarely sheds. When you find out a partner has genital herpes, you may be shocked at first and then have lots of questions. Your partner should tell you when symptoms flare up, which is when the virus is most contagious. I just found out a year ago that my husband has herpes. Not true some people are just concerned about their health herpes is serious. Reply.

I was told by my obgyn that I have herpes. She took a culture and blood work and will have the full results next week. Should I go back to my doctor and demand a test? He took a blood test for other diseases which all came back negative. I got genital HSV-1 from my boyfriend who has oral HSV-1. I take Depo-Provera and am not concerned with conception. So my boyfriend has recently been undergoing some very stressful times. My question is this: I struggle with anxiety, and so have been very worried about catching a cold sore (or worse in my mind, genital herpes) from him. And how long should we wait to kiss again?:(Any help is much appreciated!. For instance, I have oral herpes (presumably HSV-1; never been tested), and my spouse thinks he had cold sores as a kid. There are basically two types of herpes: Herpes simplex virus-1 (HSV-1) is the virus that causes cold sores, the small and painful blisters that usually appear on or around a person’s lips.

Genital HSV 1. What Am I Dealing With?

Boyfriend Has HSV-1, Should I Be Worried? 3He also has genital HSV1, which means transmission is a lot lower than HSV2, especially since I already have antibodies. I know it’s a long shot, and that this is a lot to read and that at the end of the day I have to make the decision myself, but I love this guy to pieces and I’m worried we’re going to slowly resent each other if things continue to be the way they’ve been. Which maybe I’m being too picky about but I feel like it should be available somewhere and it’d really give me peace, but I can’t find it. However, since the diagnoses (1 month ago), my boyfriend has been having a really hard time accepting what has happened. It is normal for him to be scared and for him to not want to contract it. Do you think he feelings would change if he did have HSV1? Your partner should get a type-specific blood test as soon as possible. If your partner does not have the same HSV type (especially in the second test) then the two of you will need to talk about how to protect your partner from getting herpes from you. A partner with herpes should also avoid touching the sores, as he or she could transfer the virus to another place on the body (such as the facial area), to a contact lens, or to another person. So if your girlfriend has had HSV-2 for a while, you don’t have to worry about even that small possibility. What do I tell my partner? Is there any resistance? I’m thinking about becoming pregnant. What should I do? I have herpes simplex, but my partner does not. But really, since most people already have HSV-1, you should worry less about spreading it! Please read our page about this topic.

I Gave My Boyfriend Genital HSV1

While I’d still have herpes forever, the outbreak that prompted me to go to the doctor in the first place would have been less likely to reoccur if it’d been HSV-1. On top of that, she has never had an outbreak of HSV-1 anywhere as far as I know, but what are the chances that I have given it to her, either orally and/or genitally?. My boyfriend of 2 years has a cold sore on the more inside of his lip and it has popped and it s been a few days since it broke open, today we had intercourse and he licked his hand to use as a lubricant should we be worried?. Well, it looks like you do have herpes, you poor thing. I’ve read in some places that if you have oral HSV-1, you can’t contract genital HSV-1 because the virus only nests in one location. Concerned_Boyfriend Hello and glad you found us! I have to keep this brief as I am trying to get out of my office but the good news is you have no need to be concerned. And there are a lot of those types of stories from our forum members where their partner never got herpes from them. Should I go get tested for the HSV-1 strain to confirm that I carry the antibodies, or is that an unnecessary precaution? Just in case that one cold sore was something else? (Although, I don’t know what else that could have been.

I found out a few months ago that I have herpes. He need not worry. And finally, if there are herpes dating sites for people who aren’t afraid of your condition, maybe you should at least take a peek, okay? Ron I would guess there is legal liability involved if you know you have herpes and you do not tell a sex partner beforehand. That’s one reason it is important to get tested and tell your partner if you’re infected. Can you have herpes but never even know it? Can the herpes simplex virus spread even if you don’t have symptoms? And how do you navigate the maze of sex and dating when you know you are infected with herpes?. Almost Everyone Has Herpes, But How Worried Should We Be? Moreover, outbreaks of herpes make becoming infected or infecting a partner with HIV far more likely because of the presence of open sores and blood. I’m sure my boyfriend doesn’t have herpes, a patient recently told Dr. Herpes tests have improved a great deal in the last few years, she said, and I believe in shared decision-making between the clinician and the patient, so I think if people are concerned about having herpes and want to be tested for it, it’s reasonable to offer the test. Hi everyone, I am rather concerned right now. In that you have had oral herpes for a long time, are you usually able to tell when you have a sore coming on? From when you feel like you may be getting a cold sore until a few days after the sore has healed is the most contagious time. You said that my boyfriend should wash up everytime he receives oral sex from me even if I don’t have an outbreak or any sign there of. My partner has herpes 1 so he gets cold sores but he also takes antibiotics for them. How can you get hsv-2 on the mouth if you never had an oral sex? can you get hsv-2 on your lips when you were a kid?? i always get a cold sore in my lip since i was a kid and i did not know its a virous i thought it comes with the flue but when i read about this virus i thought i have hsv-1 but when i went to do the blood test i found that i have hsv-2 so how come this happens to me??. I’m worry bcuz I’m only 17 and I have had coldsores on lips as long as I remember.

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