Can I Join The Marines With Herpes?

Can I Join The Marines With Herpes? 1

I forgot to ask. If anyone can help. I was going to join the army. Now that I found out about this 5 days ago. I have HSV 1 & HSV 2 can I give my boyfreind HSV 2 & HSV 1 by giving him oral sex?. I’ve been thinking about joining the military prior to getting herpes, and I am concerned that I would be disqualified for service, dispite still being able to funtion normally.

Can I Join The Marines With Herpes? 2If i test positive, can i still join the Marines? if not, is it wavierable? I plan on joining the Marines by the end of April, but i think i might have genital herpes. My ex will not tell me if he has it or not when I informed him which he blames me due to an early encounter at the beginning of our dating. I kept asking to get tested for STDs but he said he couldn’t get into the clinic and then I’m all good. Whether tested by the military or any other place, HSV blood test results typically are available in a few days. Military Medical Standards for Enlistment & Commission.

The condition is herpes zoster, or shingles, which is caused by the varicella zoster virus that causes chickenpox. Great quotes from White House incumbents: will Donald Trump be joining them? HSV-2 Swift is a hybrid catamaran originally leased by the United States Navy as a mine countermeasures and sea basing test platform. The JDW story said that Marine reservists will practice with the NALMEB equipment, and the cruise would also be used to evaluate an experimental lightweight ROWPU that was at that time being tested by the USMC warfighting laboratory. Prophylactic courses of oral acyclovir can have a modest impact on recurrent infections, but the cost of the drug and its potential toxicity over the long term do not justify such regimens in most cases. Dating with Herpes. You are NOT alone! Meet others who have herpes. Join Now!

Shingles? No, Don’t Laugh

Can I Join The Marines With Herpes? 3Excuse my ignorance here, but does the military exclude everyone who has cold sores? Arent antivirals used for those too? My husband had an attack of shingles and he took antivirals. But don’t let your hopes of joining the military get in the way of taking care of your health.

Shingles? No, Don’t Laugh

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