Can You Get Herpes From Door Handles Or Toilet Seats?

Learn about herpes transmission and if you can get herpes from a toilet or drinking fountain. A 1990 study from the Kean College of New Jersey (now Kean University) found that a culture of the herpes virus applied to a common doorknob lived for two hours. Say your roomate has genital herpes..and you share toilets, showers, etc and live with them. And you share toilets, showers, etc and live with them. Possible scenerio: he grabed his dick when it had blisters, he grabbed the door handle, you grabbed the door handle then put it on your mouth. It most certainly is NOT transmitted through casual contact, sharing towels, or from a toilet seat. I think you need to leave the bumps alone and show a doctor what you’re obsessing about. There has never, in any of the literature that I’ve read, been a documented case of herpes transmission via an object like a door knob or a toilet seat.

Can You Get Herpes From Door Handles Or Toilet Seats? 2Thats why you can’t get it off a toliet seat. Well, could they possibly be saying that you won’t get herpes on your hand from touching the doorknob? Then when he opened the bathroom door that door knob would have had to escape having the virus on it then to be put on the doorknob your BF touched. Public toilet seats are not always the cleanest, but does that mean they can harbour sexually transmitted infections?. If you wet a door knob you do a disservice to everyone because you are improving the environment in which germs can thrive, he says. The good doctor spoke of herpes as if it’s sexually transmitted. What diseases can you catch from public restrooms, and more specifically, public toilets?. Wash your hands with soap and water and be mindful of that door handle. You see, some people think you can actually catch an STD from a toilet seat, when in fact, that is generally not the case.

However, the real risk of catching a disease from a clean toilet seat is almost nonexistent. After I’ve washed my hands, if I still need to grab a door handle to leave the restroom, I will then use an antibacterial hand gel. What dangers does the toilet seat actually present? To my knowledge, no one has ever acquired an STD on the toilet seat — unless they were having sex on the toilet seat, says Dr. The fact is, you have a higher risk of catching staph from your cell phone. If you already have HSV1 and this happen to you, will this cause for you to have an outbreak or because you already have the virus, nothing will happen to you? If a person already has HSV1, does coming in contact with the virus cause you to have an outbreak? How long can it possibly live outside of the body? How long will it last on that persons finger or hand, whatever he touched the open lesion with? I know this is long so I hope someone can answer this. Viruses last the longest on hard objects, such as a door knob, faucet handle, keyboard, etc.

Strange Question

Q: What should I do if I think I may have come in contact with an STD? Most STDs cannot be spread from person to person through contact with toilet seats, swimming pools, hot tubs, shared clothing, door knobs, eating utensils, etc. Is there ANY way I could have contracted an STD? Totally gross, but honestly there is less bacteria on that toilet seat than sink you washed your hand in and the door handle you touched to enter the restaurant. Individuals cannot contract genital herpes by sitting on toilet seats. The genital herpes virus will not live on any surface that is dead such as door knobs and sinks. Some studies have even shown that the toilet seat is one of the most germ free areas in your average office building. Theoretically, once they have contaminated a toilet seat, the herpes microorganisms could infect another toilet-user who has a sore or break in the skin (which allows the virus to enter the body). Germs seem to thrive on the floors, near the sinks, and even on the door handles and paper towel dispensers. Now, it’s no surprise to find the floor and piss-splattered toilet seat are crawling with germs (how many of you still haven’t figured out how to flush the toilet with your foot?) but that’s OK, because you still remember to pump that liquid soap onto your hands and wash the hell out of them before you leave. Then he compounds the infestation when he touches the handle on the restroom door on his way out. A microgram is about a millionth of a teabag full of cocaine, so unless you’ve got a million bills to lick you’re not going to be getting very high and if you do have a million handy, we assume your army of strippers have already writhed across them all and sanitized them with boob sweat. You can wash your first load with bleach and hot water and you’ll reduce the amount of bacteria that will survive the wash. Yes you can pick up both crabs and herpes from a toilet seat, as well as, I believe, syphilis. You can get things from public door handles too.

Do Public Toilet Seats Pose A Health Risk?

Myth: You can get HIV from breathing the air around an HIV-infected person or from hugging or holding hands with an HIV-infected person. Toilet seats or door-knob handles. touching, hugging, holding hands, or cheek kissing with an HIV-infected person. Although safer sex can substantially reduce the sexual transmission of an STD like HIV, sexual abstinence is the surest way to prevent the sexual transmission of an STD, including HIV. So of course you can pick-up all kinds of deceases from handles,door knobs, etc. That’s why you should WASH your HANDS after every toilet exposure,when you arrive and leave work,several times a day, you should know!! So now you know, so don’t become a fanatic! LOL – ” Retired Paramedic/Paralegal/Teacher Mother and Grand Mother. In general you do not have to worry about disease contact when sitting on a toilet. There are more bacteria on the door handles than on the toilet seat. You are much, much more likely to get sick if you don’t wash your hands and then end up eating, putting your hands in your mouth, or touching your eyes or nose. Since we are more likely to get sick from germs on the bathroom door, are we better off touching the door on the metal portion or the non-metal portion? I used to avoid touching the metal (on a push door) because it is the obvious place everyone will put their hands, but then I learned that some metals have anti-bacterial properties and wondered if these metal push plates are intended to be sanitary. Toilet seats are always clean due to many people sanitizing them before use. Put them in a place where you can kick/stand on the switch or lever.

Can You Get Hiv From Period Blood On A Toilet Seat. Here’s a taste of what TheBody. Even if you were using door handles as a dildo, your HIV-acquisition risk would Read more. Are there any steps you can take to prevent picking up germs? I was taught in nursing school that one could not get herpes from a toilet seat. I have contracted herpes and my husband of 36 years remains free of the disease. But in a public restroom, flush handles, taps and door knobs may be contaminated with disease-causing bacteria.

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