Contracting Genital Herpes By Receiving Oral Sex?

Most people contract oral herpes when they are children by receiving a kiss from a friend or relative. By performing oral sex on someone who has genital herpes, it would be possible to contract oral herpes but this is rare. If you have oral-genital sex with someone who has a cold sore, this virus can give you genital herpes. Getting adequate rest, exercising regularly and eating well are all great ways to reduce stress and strengthen your immune system. I’m long since married now, but I’ve always wondered, does having had oral herpes make one immune to contracting genital herpes?

Contracting Genital Herpes By Receiving Oral Sex? 2In general, HSV-1 prefers the mouth, and HSV-2 calls the genitals home. I gave my boyfriend oral sex a little more than 24 hours ago. If he was to give you oral sex though,you would be at risk of getting genital herpes. UN health agency estimates 140 million people have been infected genitally by oral herpes virus, many in wealthier countries such as Canada.

I have genital herpes..will my boyfriend ever be able to give me oral sex without protection?. Will my boyfriend ever be able to give me oral sex without protection?. Cold sores on the mouth can spread the virus to the genitals during oral sex. You can reduce the risks of getting genital herpes by following this advice:. That’s why when a person with a prior HSV infection does contract the other type, the first episode tends to be less sever than in a person who has no prior antibodies. Your partner has genital HSV-2 and you perform oral sex on him or her.

Cold Sores

Contracting Genital Herpes By Receiving Oral Sex? 3Herpes simplex virus (HSV) infections are very common worldwide. Kissing, using the same eating utensils, sharing personal items (such as a razor), and receiving oral sex from someone who has HSV-1 can cause you to contract the virus. You can get herpes by having vaginal, anal, or oral sex with someone who has the disease. However, outbreaks can also occur in areas that are not covered by a condom so condoms may not fully protect you from getting herpes. Last, when they say that HSV-1 can spread to the genitals, what sort of probability are they talking about?. College students report having vaginal intercourse and oral sex at about the same frequency, but the problem is that because they assume oral sex is safer, they are much less likely to use a condom. Avoid having any form of sex with anyone who has a sore on their genitals, anus or mouth to avoid contracting the contagious virus. Anyone who has had unprotected sex or oral sex, or has come in contact with a sore should get tested for HSV-1 and HSV-2. As a result, people start getting paranoid and some serious social stigmas develop. The RAW Score is a rough estimation of the average number of single Americans you would have to have unprotected vaginal sex with to contract that particular STD. You should not have sex with a partner who has genital herpes sores. Using a condom every time you have sex with a new partner significantly reduces your risk of catching the genital herpes virus. You can catch herpes from performing or receiving oral sex.

Expert Answers

A person can get genital herpes if they receive oral sex, if they have vaginal sex, if they have anal sex, or if their genitals touch another person’s genitals. If a person has symptoms of genital herpes, getting a viral culture is best. This is true whether you’re having oral, vaginal, or anal sex. It is possible for the person giving oral sex to get herpes if their partner has genital herpes and a sore is active or there is viral shedding. Herpes increases risk of getting HIV? There is a risk, under other circumstances, of contracting genital herpes (HSV 1) from receiving oral sex from someone with current or a history of cold sores.

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