I dont want my mom to know. she would be mad at me. i want to go get it checked out. You could very well have contacted genital herpes through sex with this guy even though u have no signs of having it orally which is known as herpes simplex 1 or 2. I understand after having a yeast infection I could have still got it, as I treated it switch over the counter products. Wtf is this Dr? I’m a bit embarrassed to go see a Dr at the moment. I can’t help but feel like maybe I should just kill myself and get it over with. When i was diagnosed as having genital herpes – there was too little known for me to even feel dirty or anything else. How can you say that! you obviously dont no wtf its like to have herpes so ur opinion dont mean, each individual person in this world deals with there own problems, therefore you hav no rite to tell ppl tht hav the infection wat they can and cant feel, we feel our own pain NOT anybody elses so yes it is a big deal to us, because thats OUR life and wat WE hav to deal with everyday we wake up, so take ur opinions else where.

Could I Have Genital Herpes? 2As far as genital herpes goes, we’re talking 20 of the population. You can literally have this conversation after dinner or a movie while walking, so as not to make the situation feel too pressurized. WTF!!! My bf of a year didn’t think it was too damn important to tell me about his history! WTF? How could I have gotten it? I practice safe sex, usually in long term relationships, never perform oral sex on the ladies. That makes it probably less intense than type 2 would have been in the genital area, but everyone presents differently, so this is not a basis for HSV type. 16-25 of Americans have genital herpes. Like wtf, of course no one wants herpes.

Ok so if 1 and 5 people have genital herpes then that means theres at least 265 people here on PW with genital herpes. So does anyone actually buy into this 1 outta 5 bullshit? Or is it just a scare tactic? I mean if it were true like 10 years from now still without a cure it would probably at least be like 1 outta 4 people with genital herpes. While treatable, genital herpes is incurable. Davies says,. I’ve seen acquired bacterial infections, warts, and herpes infections from tanning beds. One out of every six people aged 14 to 49 have genital herpes.

If I Have Herpes, How Can I Tell The New Guy I’m Dating?

I KNOW how not to get HIV, but herpes seems much, much simpler to catch. Btw, R12, warts are NOT herpes, wtf! Bad news: you probably have herpes. Another factor is an apparent increase in popularity of oral sex, which can pass the virus from the mouth to the genitals. HSV-2 can increase the risk of catching and spreading HIV and HSV-1 can lead to serious complications such as encephalitis, which causes inflammation of the brain. There are two categories of the herpes virus: herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) and herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2). If you have genital herpes, medication can shorten the time of an outbreak, according to the CDC. WTF. 3. OMG. 2. Hate. 2. lol. 1. Cute. 1. Yaaass. REACT WITH GIF. I told him everything & he said it was only if you have genital herpes, like in your vagina. He told me he didn’t know what the dr was talking about and made me super confused again! Ill ask next week of I make it that far. Obviously genital herpes sounds worse and have a worse stigma cuz it’s a break out on your private and for women who have it, it can also affect your baby when giving birth in the future. You could have an oral outbreak (or not), go down on someone and give them hsv 1 on their genitals. You could get Aids if you swap blood i guess. If u have herpes the only time u can spread it is during the outbreak so if there’s no outbreak u can’t catch or spread it.

1 Outta 5 People Have Genital Herpes Wtf?

Not everyone wants to have sex with one person forever. A herpes outbreak can appear anywhere in the genital or anal area, or around the mouth, and may cause other symptoms, such as pain with urination, fever, head and body aches, and swollen lymph nodes. If I have a cold sore, will it turn to genital herpes? I want to be safe and not give an STD to my partners. There is no cure for cold sores, but there are remedies you can use that will reduce the severity and frequency of them. Wtf why did I not know this. I could be wrong, but if you tell the doctor you have genital herpes when you are pregnant, don’t they test the infant for herpes? Maybe they do it and just don’t say anything unless the baby is positive?. This virus, like herpes simplex type 1, can also. Get the facts on genital herpes symptoms, treatment, signs,. I think I’d rather get an opinion of a medical professional staff. doctor they said they dont know wtf it is. and it doesn’t look like herpes fml.,.

I have friends with oral herpes aka hsv 1 (cold sores that break out on and around their mouth) and i have friends with hsv 2 aka genital herpes both suck. Or you could go down on someone and get hsv 2 on your mouth if THEY have genital herpes. and people can pass the virus through shedding while they aren t even having a breakout.

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