I felt insecure and dirty, so we did not have sex for a week. I don’t know if I have it but I’m scared I do for the last 6 months it hurts to wipe it burns and stings and it’s also itchy as fuck. I can’t even have soap touch my vagina or it starts to sting it won’t go away the symptoms will lessen but after my period it comes back where I have to pay dry so that it doesn’t hurt and sometimes I see specs of blood on the tiolet paper could this be herpea or a yeast infection bacterial vaginosis or thrush pleaSe help I’m scared. I’m afraid that your blood work came back positive, the doctor told me over the phone. Please know that the next time you get tested. Probably best of all, you’ll meet people who actually like you for who you are, enough so that something that you can’t help or change will not deter them from being with you. I’m so scared. If I did have herpes, is it as bad as I’m thinking it is? Can you live a decent life with it? I know I won’t die, but I’m so afraid of being confined to a bed for days with oozing giant sores all over my genitals and thighs.

Do I Have Herpes?! PLEASE HELP IM SO SCARED? 2I’m afraid my current husband may disbelieve a little and I’m sad. I do not have any facts on tanning beds, so if any readers have contracted herpes this way, kindly write to me. Please help. While you can certainly get herpes 2 on your lips and herpes 1 on your labia or penis, this is mostly likely going to be a one shot deal. So that means since I have herpes 1 I had a bad outbreak for the first time back in 2010. I was schocked but didnt just blow her off i rly like hee but Im scared & dont wanna put myself at risk PLEASE HELP! Wow so u had genital herpes an this man healed you from the herpes does it really work. Ozalla help her i was interested then i quickly emailed him and he told me everything i need to do before i will be cured which i actually did but today am cured that is why i want you to join me thank dr ozalla for saving my life if you need help please contact him email dr. I’m really scared my partner will get it too.

And I’m afraid because before I did my someone with herpes was something I wasn’t willing to do myself. Dating someone with herpes was something I wasn’t willing to do myself. Please provide your email address and password to access your account. All I did was cry and research, and the researching didn’t even help me out. I have faith that for so many hurting with this that they will receive hope real soon. So if you do have genital herpes you could have been infected 3 years ago and you probably werent aware of it. I have herpes and my boyfriend is telling me that we can still have sex with eachother without a condom as ong as im not having an outbreak. i wanna trust him and do it but im scared that he wil end up with herpes as well. If u r willing to help please email me on Im so scared that i might have herpes I dont know what to do! My life is falling apart without all this extra bs! I dont know what else to do! Im not sure if i have it, or am i over reacting bc i looked my symptoms up online and herpes is what popped up! Idk if my boyfriend of 2yrs gave it to me or someone before him.

Herpes Q & A

Do I Have Herpes?! PLEASE HELP IM SO SCARED? 3I am very afraid that I may have genital herpes and what scared me the most is that I m pregnant. I want to post my testimony to help someone out there suffering from this disease. Jesus came for this purpose, all you have to do is believe! I want to be healed so can you please pray for me. I understand and believe that God heals if it his will and I’m so scared that it may not be but I do have hope and faith. It’s incredibly rare, but you can get genital herpes from oral sex, if an active cold sore makes contact with your vaginal skin. Please help me! Im just so scared infact i have never felt so depressed in my life, i feel suicidal, i know herpes isnt the end of the world but i just feel like such a failure in life its unbearable, my anxiety is through the roof, i havent gotten me or DD dressed for 2 days, i have literaly just laid on the sofa on my phone googling symptoms, my house is a state, im behind with the washing, i cant stop crying, my DD deserves so much better Im aching, im tired, my back hurts, i have a headache (these are all symptoms) i just want to send DD to her dads, curl up and die. I am afraid, now, to consider having sex with anyone who does not have it. From the research I have done so far, I have come to the conclusion that it is unsafe to have sex, even with a condom and with no sores. I am freaking out because this would be my first outbreak. I am also now scared that I have hiv because I have herpes. My hands are cold but yet still sweating. I need to talk to someone anyone! please help me. Why am I so scared? did you feel dizzy and sick? I have already thrown up from nerves.

Scared, Lost, Looking For Hope

I feel dirty and disucting! can anyone help! Please try not to worry too much. Scared shitless: So I got genital herpes recently, contracted from my own cold sore. I’m on Acyclovir for the genital I know that should help if I end up with ocular herpes. The only reason I haven’t killed myself is because I have kids. I am afraid I could pass this on to them, so I constantly wash my hands and disinfect the house and car. Counseling can sometimes help overcome the emotional strain of this infection. We tend to heavily blame the people who gave this to us but please remember someone gave it to them. I have no one I can talk to about this and I’m so scared. Do you agree with me, that these symptoms could only be caused by one thing, and that thing is HIV?.

With herpes, you do not usually have symptoms all the time. Please help me. Herpes will always show up like this so those of you with a first outbreak just acquired it, you have not carried it for awhile. My first outbreak was very painful and it was around may buttocks i dddnt know what it was until my Dr told me that its herpes i really dont know where i contracted the disease because my husband of 5yrs doesnt have this disease and i have never suspect him of cheating me now is on ma labia i real dont know what to do can anyone who know the treatment help me i am scared. Im 27 weeks pregnant and I havent told my doctor I have herpes, and I dont want to, I only see her a couple of seconds once a month I dont feel comfortable. I DO NOT have any of these rashes near my mouth or vagina. Please help, I am so scared that a stupid decision I made when I was 16 is now going to ruin my life.

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