Doctor Said I Had “herpes Outbreak” Negative Test Results.?

Both of my blood tests for HSV-1 and HSV-2 were negative. Part of what’s happened, Dr. Leone said, is that HIV sucked all the oxygen out of the room when it came to STDs. Basically, if you test positive for herpes type 1 and negative for 2 that does not mean you don’t have genital herpes. Resulted after a week, result says hsv 1 igm negatv, hsv2 igm positive. Does this state that unless one has a genital herpes outbreak, one would not know if they have genital herpes or not regardless of type? Unmuddle my acrobatic brain. I still didn’t think i had herpes because my partner TESTED negative for herpes and all other stds. This is the same doctor who said I had herpes in 2006. I was told to ‘come back and get the results’ like it was some sort of formality. After a couple of weeks l I went back and was told all the scrapes were negative. Thinking automatically that it was a herpes outbreak, I was prescribed Valtrex no questions asked.

Learn what to expect during the test and what the results may mean. However, it can determine whether someone has antibodies to the virus. Your doctor may order a serum herpes simplex antibodies test if they suspect you have an HSV infection. Since the test checks for antibodies to the virus, it can be performed even when the infection isn’t causing a herpes outbreak. They will just say, oh, you tested negative for all STI’s, not telling you that they never bothered to test for Herpes. I never got tested with him and never had him show me test results. Herpes Outbreak Symptoms But Test is Negative. The next day it had become quite large. And I almost thought about going to the ER to have a doctor lance it. Again it was sore but not particularly painful. That night I had a slight fever and already my thoughts were turning to STD. In fact either a result of the drug or just my anxiety I felt lots of fatigue and mild flu like symptoms (loss of appetite).

I have a question doctor told me I have herpes but its not from sex and I can still have sex and not pass it on. I had it for three years and had 2 skin tests that came back negative. Was getting a routine physical, pap was normal, results said all STd test were negative. Sounds like a herpes outbreak. Is it possible to test negative for both types and then test positive a few months later, even without an outbreak? What about having a false positive test result? A month later my partner contracted it from me and had a herpes outbreak 2. My doctor said it could been a few different things, but the test for herpes came back positive for HSV-2. I’m afraid that your blood work came back positive, the doctor told me over the phone. I’d had my first blood test for herpes about six months before this relationship began and it’d come back negative.

Serum Herpes Simplex Antibodies Test

Both times the results came back positive for HSV-1. Hi I have been tested of HSV1 and 2 and the results are IGG type 1 Negative and IGG type 2 Negative. My 23 month old daughter currently has an outbreak of what a doctor visibly called a herpes outbreak. I’m interested in a girl who says she has herpes. I knew I had regular HSV-1 herpes because I occasionally get cold sores around my mouth but I’ve never had any sores anywhere else. Nuts are very good for everyone, but TOO many can upset the lysine/arginine balance in your body and create the circumstances for a herpes outbreak to occur. Every doctor will say that it can be spread even without symptoms no matter how rare that is. BTW, after I separated from my husband I got tested and I’m still negative for HSV2. Most doctors NEVER test their patients for herpes, even when they are testing you for other STD’s. When your symptoms go away usually within a few days to a few weeks, you may not even realize that you just experienced a herpes outbreak. I’ve had every STD tests done and everything came back negative. Those results came back negative but he said by the blisters and symptoms that it was definitely herpes and that I should get on medicine. Genital Herpes: A Medical Perspective by Dr Stuart Aitken Genital herpes is a condition affecting the genital skin of many people. Hi I have symptoms of genatal Herpes wich consist of at first red skin then blister then raw skin that seem to be a bit pussy at times moist, I went to the doctors and he said it looks like I have Herpes, So I asked can we at least do a swab test to make sure? Ok so get the results back and he said they had come back clear; I dont understand how that is the case and also my girlfriend had a test to start with and they said she had herpes? Swab tests can give a false negative result so if you want to be certain you could request another swab test if the symptoms recur. Hi, I am just coming out of my first herpes outbreak. When I got diagnosed from a swab, the doctor said they rarely do bloodtests as they are so inaccurate and also, most people have the antibody. Therefore, IgM tests can lead to deceptive test results, as well as false assumptions about how and when a person actually acquired HSV. ASHA has created a quick reference guide to herpes blood tests, including a chart that outlines and compares the accurate, FDA-approved type-specific blood tests available for herpes simplex antibodies.

Five Things You Should Know About Herpes

Does a positive herpes test result always mean you can spread genital herpes to others? I have had a positive blood test for HSV-2, do not take any suppressive medications and do not have any outbreaks. What Dr. Leone says about virtually everyone having four to six outbreaks a year is absolutely not my experience. I took another blood test and it came back negative for HSV-2 and positive for HSV-1. Also, I’ve never had an oral herpes outbreak. When you say that your value was.01 over the upper limit of normal, you mean over the cutoff for negative? Can you post for me your actually lab values? And can I assume that these were IgG values, not IgM? If you do have HSV 1, then another genital outbreak is unlikely to occur soon. The type-specific test results plus the location of the sores will help your. I had unprotected vaginal intercourse with a girl (who claimed she was HIV negative) about 9 weeks ago and about 3 weeks later I visited one of the. I was recently diagnosed with what my family physician thought to be a primary herpes outbreak. A definition of herpes, what causes herpes, and herpes testing and treatment options. Find out if you should get tested today; peace of mind has never been easier.

A few days after I took the blood test, I received a call for my gyno. I was never given any type of medication to treat my so-called Herpes outbreak and as I sit here FIVE years later, I can honestly tell you that I have had no discomfort since and no symptoms whatsoever of Herpes. I have had no discomfort since and no symptoms whatsoever of Herpes. Be open about your previous test results and that you’ve been symptom-free since then. Being in a long-term mutually monogamous relationship with a partner who has been tested and has negative STD test results; You need to tell your doctor if you have ever had symptoms of, been exposed to, or been diagnosed with genital herpes. Also, my sister had an oral herpes outbreak 2 weeks before my test (we share drinks etc)and i also received my second out of 3 injections of Guardasil (vaccination for HPV) around a week before the test. I had an HSV test done and HSV 2 came out negative, but HSV 1 count is 1.01, marked as equivocal and is said it may indicate early infection. The Genital Herpes: Intimate Conversations blog has now been retired. PLEASE, if you’ve been diagnosed with herpes by a blood antibody test, get a copy of your results, and make sure they are IgG results, not IgM results. If your partner gets an antibody test, and they are negative for HSV 2 and you are positive for HSV 2 on an IgG antibody test, then you didn’t get it from them. But I asked my partner before we had sex and they said they were clean!. Every test has had the sane result, positive IGM, negative IGG. One (my actual dr) said the same exposure no infection thing and told me I should not be disclosing to a partner that I have an infection b/c I don’t. HSV-2, and you’ve never had cold sores or a genital herpes outbreak, then the test is useless. It’s not always clear what to do with the test results. If you’ve never had symptoms, there’s the question of whether or not you go on suppressive therapy. Often a patient who has received a negative culture result will be asked to come back again when a new genital lesion appears so the culture can be tried a second or third time. The doctor may ask you to re-visit for a swab test when genital symptoms or discomfort appear. Confused about negative test results. My partner said that he’s never had an outbreak and the dr is looking to see if his prior chicken pox exposure could cause a false positive. Unfourtinatly I had multiple lesions and it was all very classic of a typical herpes outbreak.

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