Does Being Rs2272127 CG Heterozygous Mean I Have Herpes HSV-1 On A DNA Test?

It said I was Rs2272127 CG heterozygous. Does being seropositive on a dna test (Rs2272127 CG heterozygous), mean I may have herpes HSV-1, which I may be seropositive for?. HSV 1 does not cause any problem for the vast majority of us. Unrelated to your question; Practice safe sex. I tested positive for Herpes 1 (HSV1) on my 23andMe dna test. I was Rs2272127 CG heterozygous. Does this mean I’m positive for Herpes and have Herpes?

Does Beyonce Have Herpes? 2These tests should be read and positive (one has been exposed and infected) or negative (one does not have evidence of exposure and infection). Trying to guess when one was exposed will never be correct from these numbers.

Tested Positive For Herpes, Type 1- Ai Herpes Type 2- Ai Does This Mean By The Level Type 2 Was Recent? I Heard Over 5 Means U Had It Longer

Does Beyonce Have Herpes? 3

Rs2272127 Cg Heterozygous Dna Mean Herpes HSV-1? I Took Dna Test, Also Test Diseases. Said Rs2272127 Cg Heterozygous. Seropositive Dna Test (rs2272127 Cg Heterozygous), Mean Herpes HSV-1, Seropositive For?

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