Does This Sound Like Herpes, Ingrown Hair(s), A Cyst, Or Just Irritation?

Does This Sound Like Herpes, Ingrown Hair(s), A Cyst, Or Just Irritation? 1

Genital herpes lesions that result from a non-primary outbreak can often be confused with more innocuous conditions, such as irritation and ingrown hairs. However, ingrown hairs pose far less of a concern than does genital herpes, which can be spread from one person to another. Primary outbreaks are characterized by more severe and numerous lesions that are preceded by flu-like symptoms, such as fever and swollen glands. Are they just 3 large ingrown hairs? I think it”s a Bernoulli cyst. Well those symptoms really do sound like those of the std herpes. I shave my entire body and have for awhile and ever since i get ingrown hairs often, mostly on my thighs and butt they are never fluid filled they are just irritating sometimes. I am very succeptable to ingrown hairs since I shave so much, but normally they aren’t so red or irritated. Does this sound like it could be serious?

Does This Sound Like Herpes, Ingrown Hair(s), A Cyst, Or Just Irritation? 2I’m Sexually active, and I do shave my vagina, often. Dark Marks And Scars From Ingrown Hair And Irritation In Pubic Region. I went to planned parenthood, and the doctor said it was just a bump of hairs trying to grow. she said to put neonsporin, it should help the swelling, or heat patch. its like a cyst thing. It will go away. (female) Does this sound like an STD or something else? It’s an itchy red lump like a pimple that is painful if I put any pressure on it. It’s been months and I just got another one of these things. Sebaceous cysts tend to reoccur in the same spot, and ingrown hairs can happen even without shaving. I just got alot of ingrown hairs from the waxing. i went to the doctor today and got meds for it but it hurts bad, like the pressure is built up. What does it look like..i have something about the tip of my finger away from the lips of my vag. I have something about the tip of my finger away from the lips of my vag. About 1 year ago I had a problem area, right in the crease at the top of my thigh, it was a boil that just wouldnt go away, after squeezing it for months it became really painfull, massive and very red, i had puss coming out of four different holes, it made me soo sick, so i went back to see the doc and he said that i had a sebacious cyst, which is basically like a sack under the skin which is a collective of infected hair folicles, i think. What you’re describing sounds exactly like my friend describing her herpes outbreaks.

It sounds like what you have, however only a doctor can tell you. I was afraid it could be a cyst but the thing I have is not very hard. They hurt, they itch sometimes and they just feel really irritated when I wear panties, especially when the hair is growing back. I really they are just ingrown hairs because I have been getting mine since I started shaving. You have HERPES! Herpes present as cystic swellings containing clear fluid. Your lesions sound more like pimples on the genital region. I just found out that we do not have pimples, we have cold sore. But call me paranoid but she did take a swab of my urethra to rule out herpes but that test takes weeks and I’m feeling uneasy and nervous I had no discharge or sores with my NGU, and just my luck I get a ingrown pubic hair yesterday which was completely painless it did hurt or even burst open with any fluid. About three months ago, my boyfriend got a small pimple-like bump on the base of his penis, right above his testicles (but he was in an accident when he was a child, so the hairy testicle-skin is partially on the base of his penis). He’s such a drama queen (haha), and wouldn’t let me apply a warm cloth & find the hair back when it was small, so he just left it and let it get bigger and bigger and more red. Yes spooked you prolly have herpes thats what it sounds like. But you prolly did it to yourself.

Bump On Vagina. Could It Be Ingrown Hair Or Boil?

Does This Sound Like Herpes, Ingrown Hair(s), A Cyst, Or Just Irritation? 3These cysts are often the result of swollen hair follicles or skin trauma and are formed when the release of sebum, a medium-thick fluid produced by sebaceous glands in the skin, is blocked. What you have sounds like herpes. i would definitely get it checked by a physician because cysts don t form in clusters and typically are not small and white. I think they may have been ingrown hairs. I just pray thst they are irritated cysts and will take a bath w/ salts tonight. Prior to that I never noticed it so idk if it just popped up yesterday or if its been there. It doesn’t hurt, burn, or anything. I do often get an in ingrown hair down there (maybe once every other month). Sounds like a pimple, a boil or a sebaceous cyst from an irritated hair follicle. Concernedguy92 replied to georgiagail’s response:. Herpes sores hardly ever come up as just one, there’s usually multiples of them. Wow!!!! sounds the same as me, I do not see how i have herpes! Herpes can only be spread during an outbreak like when children have the chicken pox. I have a bartholin’s cyst that never goes away. I was told that I had a bad case of folliculitis (infected ingrown hairs) friggin A! 3 years of thinking that I had an incurable venarial disease. Does this sound like vaginal warts? or could it be something else? So don”t be worried that they are an STD, because sometimes the skin is just irritated. It doesn”t sound approaching genital herpes if you have have the symptoms for that long. They might be sebaceous cysts. you should have them looked at just in case they are not. sounds like it”s from shaving. Try using an electric razor. ingrown hairs because of shaving Sounds like a sweat gland that has become blocked. Probally just irritated and the discharge is probally your body trying to heal itself UGh i did the same thing and it was all swollen and hurt so bad and yes i got some kind of infection.

I Have Noticed That I Have Been Getting Bumps On My Vagina. They Come

My only ideas are that I am just irritating it from wiping so much and that maybe it was an ingrown hair or nick from shaving/using trimmer a few weeks ago. The title made me cringe..i know no one wants to be told this but it sounds like herpes. I know no one wants to be told this but it sounds like herpes. If its an ingrown hair, sometimes you can see it or get it out with tweezers(tho for us that won’t work!) but they do itch a bit but are mostly just kinda sore and irritated. I get ingrown hairs down there sometimes and they are like pimples. Can you please tell me if this looks like HSV 1 genitally or just a pimple of some kind? It doesn’t hurt put feels irritated when I touch it. It doesn’t hurt put feels irritated when I touch it. I ask because I have been getting a lot of cysts or boils around my inner thigh and top of my outer vagina i believe it’s called the mons pubic. I also wanted to know can ingrown hairs get inflamed at the same place all the time. That does not sound like herpes to me, no. I’m sure I’ve had bumps like this before, but I’m freaking out right now because my boyfriend has had cold. We are just strangers on the internet, if you want a really conclusive answer your best bet would be a gynecologist. Looks like ingrown hairs/irritation from shaving. If they get larger or more painful, definitely seek a doctor – it could be a blocked Skene’s gland or a cyst. When it is herpes, you will notice. Also I just recently got tested for STD’s and it is not that. I have no idea what it is since every website automatically assumes if you have a bump down there it is herpes when I know for a fact it is not. You would know if you had that because it would hurt like hell and look more like a little cut or open sore. But it does sound like hpv. And Remember it can be ingrown hairs but they really wouldn’t cause so many of these bumps you are talking about; nothing to be ashamed of.

These lesions are just like the usual blisters that appear because of friction or burns except that these are caused by an infectious virus. There are several main causes for vaginal blisters including infections, friction, ingrown hairs or clogged sweat glands. Synthetic undergarments can trap moisture against the vagina, causing sores, or irritate the sensitive skin, also causing blisters. Or is just plucking bad, and shaving/trimming okay? Sounds like your girlfriend is in a bit of a hairy situation. Other options like plucking, waxing/sugaring, and depilatory creams have similar potential for causing blocked follicles, ingrown hairs, infection, hyperpigmentation (discoloration of the skin), scarring, and just generally for being unpleasant in many cases. Since it is likely that your girlfriend is just looking to get rid of a few hairs, to prevent discomfort and irritation, her best bet is to carefully use manicure scissors to trim her nipple hairs. Ingrown hairs are those that have somehow curled and grown sideways or back down into your skin instead of exiting. Your gynecologist is the only one who can determine the cause of those itchy bumps near your vagina. Does it sound more like herpes? These do sound like herpes bumps. You absolutely can develop cystic acne in and around the vaginal area. How long after shaving do I need to wait for Brazilian wax? Just got a brazilian wax and already have stubble-y hairs? The exfoliating is good, just be sure you are using something really mild on that sensitive area! the other thing is not wearing tight clothing as it tends to irritate the skin and ingrown hairs often happen where clothing is rubbing. A coupld months ago i found a few red pimple like bumps around the base of my penis. The bumps caused by ingrown hairs do look a lot like pimples, but when you try to pop them, no pus is expelled and they only bleed (as yours did). However, two very unlikely but possible other conditions that you would need to have treated include scabies and herpes. It’s called molluscum contagiosum and you can get it too. I’ll sacrifice my firstborn to the great god Cthulhu if this is just an ingrown hair. It doesn’t look like herpes, and you’d be in a lot of pain. Thanks Shannyboo, you sound like you have the exact same thing as me. I assumed it was a ingrown hair, like I said before, but I bet it’s a clogged sebacious gland. It’s kind of like a cystic acne. I have just notice little whit pimple like bumps on my labia. When I’ve waxed, it’s been worth the unpleasantness because after being sensitive for a day, you stay smooth with no irritation as the hair grows back in and NO ingrown hairs. When that irritation is combined with the warm moist environment of the genitals, it becomes a happy culture media for some of the nastiest of bacterial pathogens, namely group A streptococcus, staphylococcus aureus and its recently mutated cousin methicillin resistant staph aureus (MRSA). Some clinicians are finding that freshly shaved pubic areas and genitals are also more vulnerable to herpes infections due to the microscopic wounds being exposed to virus carried by mouth or genitals.

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