Has Anyone Had A False Positive Blood Test For HSV1 And 2?

Herpes blood tests (also called HSV-2 type-specific serologic tests) can be very useful for diagnosing type 2 genital herpes infection in certain situations; 1) when someone has genital symptoms that might be related to herpes, and 2) when someone has a sex partner with symptomatic genital herpes. In addition, these tests can be expensive; false positive test results may occur in some persons with a low likelihood of infection; and the diagnosis may have adverse psychological effects for some people. STD screening tests are usually done for infections that can have serious outcomes if they are left untreated. Basically, if you test positive for herpes type 1 and negative for 2 that does not mean you don’t have genital herpes. If you are positive for herpes 2 and have never had a genital outbreak, it is possible that the herpes 2 you have is an oral infection and not genital. I feel really lost, I haven’t had any intimacy with anybody else than my bf since we start our relationship, and I don’t understand how could it be possible for me to be positive and him probably negative, please help. How likely is it for the IgG test to give a false negative, especially 8 months after the initial infection which was diagnosed with a swab test, and when earlier IgG’s were equivocal? Did someone just botch up the blood test last week? I’ve been taking 500 Valtrex daily since the initial outbreak to prevent recurrences in the first year. PCR blood tests are designed to detect genital herpes whether there are visible symptoms or not. Anyone who fears they have received a herpes false positive test result may be exploring various other herpes testing options. Culture tests fail to detect the virus in many patients whereas the molecular test appears to confirm and clearly identify whether the person has HSV-1 or HSV-2. The Protocol is Melanie Addington’s detailed MASTER PLAN that got rid of her herpes outbreaks forever.

Has Anyone Had A False Positive Blood Test For HSV1 And 2? 2Herpes simplex virus-1 (HSV-1) is similar to herpes simplex virus-2 (HSV-2), with the main difference being that HSV-1 is most often experienced as an oral/facial infection while HSV-2 is more commonly related to genital herpes. HSV-2 rarely infects oral tissue, though, and a blood test positive for HSV-2 typically indicates that an individual has genital herpes, even if they’ve never experienced symptoms., is an essential resource for anyone looking for more information on herpes. Is it possible for the herpes simplex 1 virus to turn into the herpes simplex II virus? HSV-2 rarely infects oral tissue, though, and a blood test positive for HSV-2 typically indicates that an individual has genital herpes, even if they’ve never experienced symptoms. Blood tests also can be used when a person has no visible symptoms but has concerns about having herpes. Of the two, I had tested positive for genital herpes, HSV-2 with an index value of 2.0 (Any index value above 1. Having the You might have herpes, courtesy of me or you talk is even less fun., of the University of Washington Division of Allergy & Infectious Diseases, Type-specific serologic testing looks for antibodies to HSV-1 and HSV-2 proteins. For example, I didn’t test positive for HSV-1, so cross-reactivity with HSV-1 was out as a reason for my potential false positive.

I have had a positive blood test for HSV-2, do not take any suppressive medications and do not have any outbreaks. These newer tests detect IgG antibodies directed against the cell wall protein specific for HSV-1 or HSV-2. It is a very good test, but there are issues with false positive results with one form called the HerpesSelect ELISA. PCR blood test: The PCR blood test can tell if you have genital herpes even if you don’t have symptoms. False-positive test results are possible, too. You may have had HSV for many years before you have your first noticeable outbreak. If the virus is present in the sample, the antibodies stick to it and glow when viewed under a special microscope. 1 2. Hi doctor, I recently got tested for HSV and the result came to be positive. There are antibodies of herpes which make it easy to find presence of virus. This is because, medicines used to treat symptoms of both HSV 1 and HSV 2 are same. If you have done a herpes type 2 serology test, and got a positive result, you are more likely to have herpes.

Is A Possible To Have A Result?

He says the test is fool proof and that there is no way I have a false. My doctor did blood tests for herpes, which came back positive for hsv 1 and 2. He said they tested for hsv 1 and 2 and it shows I had previous exposure? I had a western blot test done this morning and have to wait two weeks for the results. Has anyone had an experience like this? No test is every 100 accurate but we don’t tend to question our providers about most lab results. About a month later, I got an IGg test for herpes done, which came back with a 1. Can herpes zoster cause a false positive on an HSV-1 and HSV-2 blood test? Has anyone experienced a false postitive hsv2 after receiving Gardasil. I may never have had another sore, but I still felt marked. Both of my blood tests for HSV-1 and HSV-2 were negative. The idea that I could have sex with anyone I wantedno preambles, just straight to the sackwas a real turn-on. Sometimes the antibodies for herpes just go away, and blood tests can no longer detect them, she told me as she closed my file. And false negatives on herpes blood and culture tests are very, very common. The person who gave it to you may never have had an outbreak in their lives. You can test false positive, or false negative, over and over, whether or not you exhibit the classical signs of herpes. I was then told to go to the local hospital to take a blood test and within a few days, I was told my results would be in. I was never given any type of medication to treat my so-called Herpes outbreak and as I sit here FIVE years later, I can honestly tell you that I have had no discomfort since and no symptoms whatsoever of Herpes. While these tests are fairly accurate, tests can have false positive rates. Herpes Type 1 (oral herpes) and Herpes Type 2 (genital herpes).

Herpes Tests Are Not Always Accurate

A person who only has HSV-1 may receive a false positive for HSV-2. 3. (I had the blood test, not a swab test, and I’ve never had anything remotely approaching symptoms.) I realize most people are asymptomatic, but my question is: I had a massive outbreak of what was visually diagnosed as shingle blisters on my neck last year (Shingles Herpes Zoster. False positive HSV type 2 results can occur, especially in persons with a low likelihood of HSV infection. I’ve never known anyone to have it on their neck but most people have never heard of someone getting it on their cheek either. Then there’s herpetic whitlow (HSV-1 or -2), which I get on my thumb from time to time and herpes simplex gladiatorum, which happens especially to youth in contact sports like wrestling and can appear on the head, extremities or trunk and is caused by HSV-1. I have had HSV1 since I was a child, resulting in intermittent cold sores only on my lip or under my nose, throughout my life (I am 47). My IgG test results came back with a slightly elevated HSV2 result and my doctor thought there could be a crossover positive result because I had had a recent blister on my lip. 1) is it possible to have a slightly positive IgG HSV 2 result caused by a recent HSV 1 outbreak? 2) if it is possible could the same result come from the Western Blot, thereby not providing me a definitive answer? 3) Given my results (below), what would be your conclusion and would you suggest I get the Western Blot test done ( 300)?. So I would bet probably 500 that your HSV 2 result is a false positive result. I was told on Friday I tested positive for HSV 1. Not sure which blood test i got. HAve never had symptoms. Is it possible to have a false positive blood test? Anyone else have false negative test? missmeliss, Herpes, 2, 01-16-2010 10:44 AM.

The test included both the HSV-1 and HSV-2 HerpeSelect IGG test. I have never had any symptoms of an STD, and the last time I was tested was about 5 years ago (negative for all tested STDs). I was shocked to discover that it appears anyone under a 3.5 has a moderate chance of being a false positive, the CDC does not recommend HSV testing unless you show symptoms because of the risk of false positives, and the tstd did not indicate at all that there was a high risk of a false positive. H level may be lower because not many antibodies have been created? Caused by herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV1) or type 2 (HSV2), genital herpes is a chronic, lifelong infection with nearly continuous, low-level viral shedding and intermittent clinical recurrences characterized by transmission through sexual contact. Over the past decade the proportion of genital herpes caused by HSV1 has increased, and today in some settings HSV1 accounts for at least half of first episodes of genital herpes. Serologic testing detects HSV antibodies, markers of prior or current infection in serum samples, and has been valuable in epidemiological surveys. In contrast, IgM tests tend to be nonspecific, do not reliably differentiate recent from established infection, and are plagued by frequent false-positive results. I have had 3 sexual partners, two of them were virgins, and I was even their first kiss. He used a IgG for HSV 1, and used a IgM blood test for HSV 2. She test positive for both HSv 1 and 2. Beat case is, it is a false positive due to the new hsv 1 infection. The good news is that HSV-1 tends to burn itself out rather quickly in the genital area and is not as virulent in that region. I have had two positive blood tests for the genital herpes virus, but no positive cultures of any kind. And yes, there can always be false positives and false negatives, as with nearly any test. I got my blood work and she said it came back positive for the anitbodies. Anyways, when I got my test results back, it said that I tested positive for both herpes 1 & 2. Lesson Learned here:Don’t always trust doctors, they are not always experts, tests will tell you everything, and do research on your own, thats what i did, and I found out what i had before anyone else did. Could it have been a false positive?

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