Have I Got Herpes Or HPV, Pls Help, Im Really Depressed?

Have I Got Herpes Or HPV, Pls Help, Im Really Depressed? 1

I think its my fault why I have hpv. still very depressed and. Please read! However, I am fairly convinced that I have genital warts. Due to the itching, I was really paranoid about herpes, and the possibility of infecting a virgin with a lifelong STI stressed me out way too much. When I got back, and did more research on HPV. The uncertainty around HPV certainly didn’t help. And still others fall into a depression and suffer from low self-esteem, wondering if anyone will want to date them or be sexual with them again. Perhaps it would help first to debunk some of the most popular myths surrounding Herpes:. You don’t have to be easy to get the virus. Women who have genital herpes before they become pregnant have a very low risk of transmitting the virus to their babies. I’m being punished for my sexual behavior.

Have I Got Herpes Or HPV, Pls Help, Im Really Depressed? 2I didn’t actually get warts I one day noticed I had developed 4 moles down there, and thought it was a little strange but ignored it. Then if there is ever a chance your immune system lowers due to depression, bad nerves, bad sleeping habbits or even lack of nutrition the Hpv can start back up again. Because of this i am going to eat better, start taking some vitamins to help better my health and i am going to quit smoking. Just be happy what we have or what you could have is not painful and it ain’t AIDS, herpes or chlaymidia. I am writing to let you know that I have cleared the HPV from my body. My depression has gotten worse since I found out that I had it, I feel dirty and gross. I love my parnters and I afraid to have children now cause I know that no protection will have to be used, but I dont want him to get infected if he doesnt have the virus,so please help. People with herpes have very normal romantic and sexual relationships. There’s hpv and hsv and with hpv men cant even get tested. I can’t even have soap touch my vagina or it starts to sting it won’t go away the symptoms will lessen but after my period it comes back where I have to pay dry so that it doesn’t hurt and sometimes I see specs of blood on the tiolet paper could this be herpea or a yeast infection bacterial vaginosis or thrush pleaSe help I’m scared.

Plz help me I am a male 28 yr old unmarried professioanl. Please help me how do i proceed with my life I am already punised with my depression since 1 year. So far my husband does not have genital warts, but the doctor said the virus can spread. How can I help the guy I’m dating not get it? Its just shocking me more an more.been really depressed espeacially at nights. I NEVER told anyone, young and naive, I thought I would be the one to get in trouble for it.

Is Hpv Curable?

Vaccine may protect against herpes; Did She Get Herpes From The Dummy? Right now, about 23 of people living in the US have been infected with type 2 herpes so this infection remains extremely prevalent, said Straus. Getting depressed here as simply no point in going out at present on the pull. I recently found out thar I have both HPV and genital herpes and I’m trying to deal with it, there’s a little depression that comes with it but knowing more about it helps. Please help me get the answer I so despreatly need. Please don’t be judgmental – I will be getting divorced sometime in the near future (my marriage cannot be saved at this point any way) but I feel that no one will ever love me again because of herpes. I used to really get around and sometimes it was safe, other times not as much. I am feeling depressed and down because I have 2 viruses, HPV and HSV how in the world if I divorce do I tell a new boyfriend? It is so hard, I know I am a good person and I have alot to offer, but this is just too much. Until there is a test for men for HPV, only women can claim no diseases or viruses. I got really depressed and was sad and angry for about 2 weeks. Hi all, I am desperately seeking peoples opinions on this please. I started again with the aldara cream and I started to get a regular tingling sensation again and also saw visible outbreaks again on the scrotum area (not where the cream was applied at any time). Genital warts and herpes are common, so don’t panic. it is true that these two viruses have a habit of remaining in your body for a long time, and there is no cure for the actual viruses, although the symptoms of warts,and herpes can be treated. The virus does not ‘damage ‘ your immune system as such, but the opposite is true- your immune system can help control the number of outbreaks you have. I am so depressed about this, I have always been a happy good looking kid, and now I feel so sad and depressed, and feel that my life is over. Plus you said you were in fact having sex after the troubles you were having with your kidneys and back. As far as you saying you used protection, well just to inform you, you can get herpes and HPV from PROTECTED sex.

Risky Behavior And Pleas For Help

Other than to say that i have hpv and had genital warts.while i was pregnant. But im pretty sure that’s not the only thing he left.i have obvious herpes which i was just tested for. I would urge you to get some help for THAT. Because really, the stigma around Herpes is just a result of ignorance. Please don’t take your life for granted, it’s far too precious to dwell in negativity. Yes, you might falter and have bad days. A happy story for all of you fighting HPV: My diagnosis I am 22 years old and I signed up for this site after I discovered I had high-risk and low-risk HPV. I have also been going to the gym and eating lots of fruits and veggies. It truly helps to have a positive, open doctor in such a difficult time. I’m so happy to be able to share my awesome news with all of you and I hope it makes you all feel like it isn’t forever, as I have often felt. The mice with HPV were cured after receiving a daily dose of AHCC for 90 days, and the virus did not return for 30 days after treatment stopped. I have just been diagnosed with herpes and I’m scared and in serious pain. I feel dirty, alone, and confused because I don’t know when I got infected or from where/who I got infected. I have the medicine and the pain pills but I would like to know of any home remedies to help alleviate this first, really bad outbreak. We’re always happy to hear from you, so please send us your question.

If so, please share whether you have explored prescription medication, over-the-counter medication, or holistic and natural approaches. Well, I got the STD from an ex who I wasn’t even with when we were having sex. I feel terrible about it to this day, and I am SO thankful that the guy didn’t end up contracting herpes. You never know how your story can help someone or save them, and I really want to break the silence and the stigma. Loading Please Wait. Feline Herpes Virus 1: If Your Cat Seems to Have a Head Cold, It Could Be This Virus. Cats that have not received core vaccines (‘kitten shots’), very young and elderly cats, pregnant females and cats who are sick with other diseases are at the highest risk for the virus. The infection can also cause ulcers on the face and in the mouth and nose, depression, and abortion in expectant cats, usually around the sixth week of pregnancy. I’m happy about it i finally got cured out of this mess been in my body for 2years. So I have decided to put together a resource guide for men that will help them explore the issues specific to them. I think many will get a lot out of it, but it is intentionally directed toward men. I cannot be as unconscious about sex as perhaps I would like, but I am okay, I will experience sex and love in the future. Mineral Detox works very deeply on every cell in your body to help your body clear any unwanted dormant viruses lingering within you. There are over 100 types of HPV Human Papilomavius that infect humans and the most common manifestation is genital warts. The best way to combat the herpes virus is to get it out of its safe hiding place in the spinal ganglia where it attaches to the cells’ DNA and replicates, sending out new virus-ridden cells that cause outbreaks. Cindy I’m trying to decide if this really worked please email. and give me your feedback. I am afraid I could pass this on to them, so I constantly wash my hands and disinfect the house and car. Counseling can sometimes help overcome the emotional strain of this infection. Join our mailing list and get the information you need to make confident choices about your health. I was diagnosed five years ago (when I was 19), and at the time was anorexic and very depressed from a love who had left me, and living in a new city, Los Angeles.

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