HELPP! Do I Have Herpes? Pls Hlp Im Desperate?

HELPP! Do I Have Herpes? Pls Hlp Im Desperate? 1

Hello to all,. I was recently diagnosed with herpes. Please hear me out, I’m desperate, overboard with stress and have even considered suicide. If I’m even on this site right now is because my only reason to live is my child. I’m waiting for the test results but It’s pretty garantid I have herpes. I live with my brother and mother,. Can someone please talk to me and help me? I’m lost and petrified right now. While you can certainly get herpes 2 on your lips and herpes 1 on your labia or penis, this is mostly likely going to be a one shot deal. Im famiiar with the shedding stages and I can feel when Im contagious I know that sounds weird but I just had to take the time to learn my body over the years. Hello, my fiance has herpes simplex 1 on his lips. I really like her & desperately need answers. I havent spoken to her about the results and i honestly have no idea what to do.please help!

HELPP! Do I Have Herpes? Pls Hlp Im Desperate? 2I’m afraid that your blood work came back positive, the doctor told me over the phone. While I’d still have herpes forever, the outbreak that prompted me to go to the doctor in the first place would have been less likely to reoccur if it’d been HSV-1. Please know that the next time you get tested. 3- If he gets it orally and we kiss, can I get it on or in my mouth? I am curious to know if when you have genital herpes and have the sores else where on the body, are those sores contagious? I’m feeling desperate. Hello, I was diagnosed with HPV, my doctor had burned them off and told me not to have sex for 1 month well i did after 2 weeks, I thought I was healed. Please help! Comments & Questions are reviewed by moderators, but if you see anything on the site that worries you, please report it and one of our moderators will look at it as soon as possible. Hello, all this year I have not had sex w my gf due to my rash. Hey there i am 30 now and I had these little blisters under my thorskin with no heads on them tho.

How long do herpes sores or recurring outbreak last? Through the help of herpes medication, the frequency of a herpes outbreak can be controlled as long as one is diligent in taking the medication and adheres to their prescribed treatment plan. Please Share:90000. Hello, I am 24 years old, I have had this disease for 10 years now. I’m desperate. Herpes and many other diseases that do not have a definitive cure are said to be relying on colloidal silver as a possible curative option. I am here to give my testimony about a doctor who helped me when i was infected with HERPES in 2014, i went to many hospitals for cure but there was no solution, so I was thinking how can I get a solution so that my body can be okay. He also have the herb to cure cancer. please i want every one with this virus to be free, that is why am dropping his email address, odogunherbalhome gmail. Hello peeps,I just met an African Doctor called dr Sango who helped me in cursing the herpes simplex that I was having for close to five months. Please help HSV2 sufferers and prevent the spreading of this virus. Thank God, now everything is fine, I’m cured by Dr. Osas herbal medicine, I’m very thankful to Dr. Hello friends herpes has cure but doctor said herpes has no cure until i met Dr Suku who help me in my life. If you need his help you can reach him on his email address:dr.

I Have Herpes And Not The End Of The World

Loading Please Wait. What’s the Difference Between Cold Sores and Oral Herpes? Then later on in life the virus can get reactivated by some type of stressor, resulting in shingles, which is a very painful skin condition that most will seek medical treatment for. And of course, I am opposed to routinely using drugs for conditions where safe and effective alternatives are available. Once you get at the emotional root, your immune system tends to get reactivated, along with a number of genes that can help to resolve and heal your physical condition. I am using 5,000mg of vit c, lysine, zinc, vit e, and aloe vera gel I have found to be the best at treating sores. Please give me a clue as to whom I can see about this issue. Want to feel better? Let us help you today! You will see more forums with all the info you need to treat scabies. Besides re-introducing measles and mumps.and adding herpes and AIDS. Anyone who could help please do because i am desperate. Hello everybody, just like all of you here even i was suffering with this irritating problem of scabies. Never cheated until 6 weeks ago, so I am really getting desperate. If this is a new infection, I will have to tell my wife and this will devastate her and certainly end our marriage. Please help I am in desperate need. Can you tell me what can help my large pores around my nose and breakouts on my forehead? (photo). Do I Have Oral Herpes? Hello, i have a light atopic dermatitis on my face and it’s aggravated by the fact that i swim regularly. Hello. You can create your own job here: I need a job please help me any job I’m not choose I finished my matric 2006 I can’t even go to school after my matric because all my parents was dead. I am in desperate need of work myself, my resume is on this website. I want to share my testimony on how i get cure of my HERPES GENITAL with the help of Doctor Anetor,i have being suffering for this disease for a very long time now.

How Long Do Primary And Recurrent Herpes Outbreaks Last?

Hello, I was diagnosed with herpes simplex 2 this past Monday. I feel like I’m in hell. I have been searching desperately for and using anything that will help. I have been putting vinegar on the the area, it burns like hell, but it does help dry it out. I’m daring to hope desperately that this works for me. PLEASE keep in mind I never had outbreakes just tingeling and burning every once in a great while! There is also the small problem that these drugs do not work very well and antiviral drugs tend to lead to drug-resistant superbugs. For anyone plagued by herpes, and for everyone as we head into flu season, it’s essential that you are getting enough vitamin D. So please get your vitamin D level checked! So the same day I bought the disinfectant it is even written on it that it acts against herpes, although only when applied to furniture, shoes and whatever and applied it to the new blisters, the pain was immediately gone and it helped to push down the second blister that was coming right next to it (really, I was hating these blisters sooooo much and was quite desperate about what was wrong with me, since all blood values were with respect to thyroid and iron good and also my endocrinologist didn t say anything about low vitamin d). I am so much heart broken after knowing that I have got genital herpes. Tessy Says: December 1st, 2011 at 3:54 pm hello, my name is tessy.this is my story, i and my partner have been dating for two years before i relocated to america, and when i moved we started having conflicts. I know and trust that God will heal me.please i want you guyz to help pray for me. i will go into fasting and prayers and ask him to forgive me for all my wrong deeds. I look back and part of me was Hurting so bad and I also have looked back at the curse on our family of sexual immorality, I have called out in desperation for my family to be broken of this bondage, pain & ongoing scar that has held us in bondage, but I know that it probably would not have had God not made it. I am a victim of spousal betrayal, and I do have the virus now. Hello. I would like to know what you did to cure herpes. Info greatly appreciated. Im so depressed and desperate not for myself but because I believe I might have infected my nephew by my ignorance of this virus, PLEASE email me!!.

Hello everyone. Really long but i need help with HPV im desperate please! My worry is can i transmit this to someone else even though i havent had them in so long? I am 18 now and the clinic says i can still transmit it through fluids. Just be happy you don’t have herpes or HIV or something.hope this helps! Your generous support will help him to continue his quest to educate and teach people to create a better future for everyone. I need to do to stop taking medicine for it I am unemployed right now and have no income at this time I just need some information on what to do thank you so much. Hello, a family member of mine is Diagnosed with ALS or lougehrigs desease he is now losing the ability to talk. Can you please send me the info on how to cure genital herpes in 3weeks please mr logan my email address is chriswells91 yahoo. The regular use of kefir can help relieve all intestinal disorders, promote bowel movement, reduce flatulence and create a healthier digestive system. Hi Kamal, please let me know if you still have the grains? and where do you stay? I am contacting you to let you know that a 53 years old man from Lagos state, Nigeria is in desperate need of a kidney donor. Q. I desperately need your help. Counseling can sometimes help overcome the emotional strain of this infection. I’m sure many of you will experience it but you don’t have to. Similar local therapies which help treat tendonitis also help with bursitis, but the nutrition aspects of bursitis is a bit different. I’m desperate because I’ve tried many things for my knee tendinitis and bursitis. I think it’s from eating something; I’m just not sure what.please help. I have tested negative for HIV out to six months and believe I am negative per the recommendations of this site and my own doctor. Please advise what kind of test we should take when anti-body test failed. Hello,. I agree you desperately need help, but not the kind I can provide. This is true whether you have open sores or breaks in the skin (as with syphilis, herpes, and chancroid) or not (as with chlamydia and gonorrhea).

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