Herpes And Elective C-section.?

Herpes And Elective C-section.? 1

I hear people have elective c sections these days. Maybe tell her the baby was measuring big and they offered it up as their opinion on it being best. The last thing they’ll be thinking is because of herpes. I contracted the herpes virus from an ex partner years ago. I’m not sure if it’s considered an elective C-section if you don’t have a breakout. What pros/cons can you all think of for both c-section or vaginal? I have HSV (herpes- doctor says it’s fine as long as there are no lesions when I go into labor- but sometimes the virus is present without any lesions- although the baby should have some immunity from my antibodies- worst case scenario could leave baby with brain damage 3 chance) and HPV (have some warts right now, but the Dr doesn’t seem concerned about them and won’t remove them while I’m pregnant- says it shouldn’t affect the baby).

Herpes And Elective C-section.? 2I unfortunately contracted genital herpes off him. It’s really hard to get an elective c section, although in this particular situation I think the op has valid grounds for the request. Have the C-section because of the herpes. there can be serious complications to your baby even though you have no active sores. Elective repeat cesarean delivery versus trial of labor: A meta-analysis of the literature from 1989 to 1999. Hello, i have genital herpes and I am almost 8 months pregnant. He has told us that we can have a elective c-section but he still recommends vaginal.

About 10 years ago I contracted herpes, I have managed to live with this by living in denial as the symptoms were very rare and fair in between,. If you honestly feel that a C Section is the safest option, go for that. It must be very painful to have a C-section because of an outbreak. Can a women choose to have a C-section (patient requested C-section)? Supporters of elective c-sections say that this surgery may protect a woman’s pelvic organs, reduces the risk of bowel and bladder problems, and is as safe for the baby as vaginal delivery. Genital Herpes in Women Overview.

C Section Consultant Horror! Please Help Me!

Herpes And Gettin Pregnant? 3I have herpes, which can transfer to the child through vaginal birth. I am curious how many of you have had or are thinking about asking their MDs for elective c-sections. I tend to have a lot of outbreaks. An elective cesarean section (CS) substantially reduces vertical transmission among untreated or highly active ART (HAART) treated pregnant women. The herpes virus can easily be transmitted to the baby as it passes through the vagina, leading to encephalitis, sepsis and death. I was going to have an elective c-section for my first child last month, knowing that I wanted either no more children or at most, one more child but not for several years. If genital herpes infection during pregnancy then consult obstetric advice regarding management (1). Som state the best policy would be to continue acyclovir till delivery and perform cesarean section at full term (5) elective cesarean delivery is especially indicated if active HSV lesions are present during or within 2 weeks of labour (5). Maternal primary infection with HSV before pregnancy does not usually impact the intrauterine development of the fetus. Elective cesarean delivery is recommended for women with demonstrable genital herpes lesions or prodromal symptoms in labor to reduce the incidence of neonatal HSV infection.

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Your dr’s know how to take care of you, an elective c-section is not a good idea, and you can do so much now to help yourself live with herpes that doesn’t involve daily medication. Maternal infection (eg, herpes, HIV) but see ‘Mother-to-child transmission of maternal infections’, below. There is evidence that prophylactic antibiotics result in fewer wound infections in non-elective and elective caesarean sections. Women with hepatitis C should not be offered a planned caesarean section. Genital herpes: If the mother is experiencing an outbreak, a cesarean is necessary to prevent the baby from contracting the disease. Mother’s preference: Many practices and hospitals will allow elective cesarean sections at the mother’s preference; although, the practice is hotly debated. Controversy exists regarding elective cesarean delivery on maternal request (CDMR). Among patients with first-episode genital herpes infection, the risk of maternal-fetal transmission is 33 times higher than with recurrent outbreaks.

But what happens when a baby is born via C-section, deprived of contact with its mother’s vaginal bacteria? Its bacterial community resembles the bacterial communities found on skin. We experienced a case of acute urinary retention after an elective cesarean section. After careful investigation, sacral herpes zoster was found to be responsible for urinary retention.

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