Herpes, Yeast Infection, Something Else?

I hear that you can’t be tested for herpes unless you have an outbreak, so going to the doctor is difficult for me since she is kind of far away. You may have signs of a yeast infection but it could be something different such as a bacterial infection or other issues you can get in your lower regions. I read that a yeast infection looks like herpes. Of course, no distant expert can be certain, so this is no guarantee you don’t have a highly atypical case — or that you might have herpes plus something else. Yeast infections are caused by one of many types of fungus called Candida. Herpes also can look like an irritated red area or bumps that many people mistake for something else; men mistake herpes for jock itch and women mistake it for yeast infection.

Herpes, Yeast Infection, Something Else? 2However, it was so small that I’m not sure if it’s an OB or something else caused by irritation from the yeast infection. Obviously there’s no way for anyone to tell me what it is, but does anyone have a general rule of thumb or something to tell the difference without getting swabbed? I don’t care enough to go get swabbed, but it would be nice to know if it’s just from the yeast infection or if I should avoid sex for longer than I need to for a yeast infection. I am pretty dry and irritated down there and i have a lot of chafing. i am also very itchy. i got this thin paper like cut near my vagina. i thought it was from wiping too hard so i ignored it. I assumed it was a yeast infection or urinary tract infection. Other people can have outbreaks and mistake them for something else, such as insect bites, razor burn, jock itch, or ingrown hair follicles.

This is demonstrated by the ease with which herpes is acquired or warts develop only in some areas, yet episiotomies seldom get infected even though exposed to feces. Yeast infections can be particularly difficult to treat sometimes. It’s tempting to try something else at this point, but the right thing to do is to just back off and allow the mucosa to heal from the chemical we used on it. If not, visit your doctor to determine if there is something else going on. There is no reason to be embarrassed. Blood tests for herpes do have a place in specific clinical situations, but that’s for another post. If your doctor is ordering an IgM test then go somewhere else, because it means they don’t know enough about herpes to be testing you in the first place. I was told it was probably a yeast infection and given medication.

Yeast Infection Or Herpes Outbreak?

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